Ripple Energy launches crowdfunding drive for ‘unique’ wind farm ownership model


Ripple Energy has today launched a crowdfunding drive to help enable its first wind farm this year, as it seeks to scale up its vision of allowing customers to become both co-owners and direct energy users of onshore wind projects across the UK.

The start-up is seeking to raise at least £750,000 in exchange for 23.21 per cent of the company through a Seedrs online crowdfunding campaign, which is open to anyone wishing to invest anything between £10 and £1m.

Investment raised will be used to hire more staff at the company and complete development of its business model, which is designed to enable people to become co-owners of new onshore wind farms, from which they can then directly source cheaper, clean electricity via dedicated energy tariffs.

Funding raised through the crowdfunding campaign will also help market Ripple Energy’s first pilot wind project later in 2019 with the capacity to supply around 800 households.


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