Renewables bring 33.8% of Spain’s power in Jan-Nov 2017

Renewables bring 33.8% of Spain's power in Jan-Nov 2017
wind park

The power generated in Spain between January and November 2017 was 33.8 per cent  renewable, mainly thanks to the country’s wind farms.

Wind’s share in total generation was 18.7% in the 11 months. It was beat only by nuclear energy, whose share in Spain’s power arrived at 22.7% in the period.

In November alone, wind fell to third place in terms of its contribution to the power mix with a share of 18.2% and an output of 3,884 GWh. Coal-fired power plants produced the most — 21.9% of Spain’s electricity, closely followed by combined-cycle natural gas plants with a 21.6% share.


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