NIPS 2018 to address Nigeria’s gas hub potentials

NLNG targets Q4 2018 for final decision on Train 7 — after eight-year delay
NLNG targets Q4 2018 for final decision on Train 7 — after eight-year delay

By Obineme Ndubuisi Micheal

The Nigerian International Petroleum Summit is set to address the nation’s potential of becoming the next gas hub.

The event which takes place in Nigeria from 19th – 23rd February 2018 is set to explore Nigeria’s aspirations to build an energy hub for gas cooperation with international partners along the value chain.

It seeks to bring together government officials, public and private sector, gas developers, institutional investors and technology providers to explore how natural gas can play a greater role in Nigeria’s energy mix and support the industrial and economic development goals of the country.

The Project Director of NIPS 2018, James Shindi, said that the event would be an avenue for leading Exploration and Production (E&P) service companies to showcase new onshore and offshore technologies.

He said, “NIPS will present current best practices and new innovations that will shapen the engineers, scientists, academia, managers, and executives. Companies from Africa, Europe, Asia, and America will be present to exhibit and demonstrate innovations in technologies in oil production, and transportation of energy resources, provision of oil and gas storage systems, services, existing and future oil and gas projects in the continent among others”

“Given that Nigeria’s Gas reserves have remained largely untapped, the country is expected to make a shift towards becoming a major producer and exporter of Gas which the event provides an excellent business environment to interact, cross-pollinate ideas and to make deals happen,” Shindi added.

The conversation in February is also not squarely about Nigeria, but its relationship with international partners and Nigeria’s ability to develop gas based projects to electrify and develop the economy.

The next opportunity

NIPS will showcase gas opportunities and projects, strategies, bringing together decision makers who can lay the cornerstone of gas prospects and enable Nigeria to become an international energy hub to support industrial development across the region. The event will also focus on Nigeria’s gas outlook, case studies on modelling a gas economy and how to accelerate gas infrastructure.

The summit is organized by Messrs Brevity Anderson Consortium. The event organizer has invited private sector players to attend and make the most of the opportunity to access and do business with the key industry stakeholders in Nigeria and the African region.


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